Thursday, November 6, 2008

My childhood life

Everyone said when you are a child, you are having a good happy life and you don't have any problems at all.But I think not all children are so lucky enough to have a happy childhood life experience.Me by my self,I don't want to judge anyone or cretisize anybody whats going on about their life but what I'm going to talked here is basic to my true story about my childhood life. I have a very sad story I know but life must go on .Sometimes things happend when you are not expecting it,and you are just asking your self why?
I was a member of a broken family since at my young age of 5. and having a broken family was not so easy at all and the one who are suffering are the children. Basic on my own experience, I am the one who sufferd a lot when my parents got separated.Being so poor already lack of everything then to be a member of a broken family will be the worse thing I ever experience in my life.When my dad said goodbye to me I was so sad having tears crying without sounds so no one can heard me. I asked him till how many days he will be gone and begging him not to leave me, but my dad told me don't worry ...and he said sweetheart i will bring something for you when I will come back.but I said bring nothing for me --just come back. then dad turn his back but i saw he got tears and started to hug me.I remember watching him going away from home with full of sadness, but me by my self I can feel it theres something wrong going on but I say nothing even my hearts breaks to see my dad leaving us.I just discovered that my dad is not coming back after heard a conversation of my grandparents that i need to stay with them.
Staying to my gradparents is not my dream at all,even though that I can say that they gave me all their love and attention,still there's something missing.All I want is our family to be complete once again. and thats my dream and my wish and I realize how hard and absolutely difficult with full of sadness and trails what happened to my childhood life...